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Sparks of Flour

(Somewhat) Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you think you are?

Boston-born, Florida-raised and New Yorker for the past 20 years, I'm just a Brooklyn dad who likes to make  (and eat) challah. While not a classically-trained baker, about 90% of everything I know about baking I learned from my mom, so there. I also have a background as a playwright and have worked in education non-profits for nearly 20 years. Community storytelling and college-access non-profit programming ideas are part of the Make Me Challah dream.

What's the big idea?

For now, I'm hoping to fill the void of quality challahs in the DUMBO-Red Hook-Park Slope triangle with as many as I can make. The next step might be a commercial kitchen space, kosher certification and then maybe even my own shop, selling all manner of challah goods every day of the week (well, maybe a day of rest). Think cinnamon raisin challah buns drizzled with icing, or challah garlic knots, vegan challahs, chocolate babka challahs — the possibilities are endless!

Are your challahs kosher, vegan or gluten-free?

In a word — no. While there's nothing un-kosher about my challahs, they are not kosher certified (yet). They are baked in a brand new separate kitchen, and all challahs are parve (containing no dairy or meat), but your rabbi might not approve.

Currently, all challahs contain flour and egg, but we are working on recipes that can deliver great flavor without those ingredients. Stay tuned!

When do you bake your challahs?

Thursday is a long day, getting these damn delicious challahs ready for Friday, but I want to make sure they are as fresh as possible. Some are even baked Friday morning! Enjoy your challah Friday night, and if there's any left over, make challah French Toast on the weekend. I don't use any preservatives, but the challahs will stay fresh for a good 2-3 days.

Do you deliver?

Not yet, but one day! For now, pick up will be available in Carroll Gardens on Friday.

What do your kids think of this?

The idea that I'm making food my children love is pretty mind-blowing, so their encouragement keeps me going. They've taken lots of experimental loaves to school and their friends all love it.

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