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The quest to find one true thing

In the 1991 classic comedy "City Slickers," three middle-aged men from New York go on a cattle drive in New Mexico. On their journey, trail boss Curly (played by Jack Palance), turns to Mitch (played by Billy Crystal), raises his finger and asks "Do you know what the meaning of life is?" Mitch answers "Your finger?" "One thing," Curly says. "You stick to that and the rest don't mean sh*t."

Similarly, when I got divorced, my kids each held up a naturally-adorned finger and said "Dad — one thing." "What's that, kids?" as I pointed to the box of tissues that is repeatedly ignored in similar times of crisis.  

"Just do one thing better than mom."

With renewed purpose, I searched far and wide for my one thing, usually ending up in quiet contemplation while stuffing my face at a bakery.

On Fridays, bakery stops would include buying a challah. I'm not a particularly religious person, but I've found that challah on Friday nights is a really nice ritual  to reflect on the week and express gratitude for all that I have — and carbo-load for the weekend.

Turns out, a good challah is hard to find. And, thus, my one true thing appeared before me.

With a recipe and tips from my mother, a shocked look of approval from the kids, and even encouragement from their acclaimed food writer mom, Make Me Challah was launched. The stakes are high — if this doesn't work out, my one true thing will be growing a beard.

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